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Finding The Right Loan for You!

We’ve all heard the stories about the loans that sound great today, and you regret tomorrow.  We are dedicated to finding the right loan that benefits you for the entire term.  A loan is a tool, nothing more.  We will help you find the right tool to reach your goal of property ownership without compromising your long-term financial security.  We promise to not only help you find the right tool, but to also put your needs first in all we do.

Our Mission

Three Rivers Mortgage strongly believes every client should be served with integrity, dignity and respect. Providing you with the loan that is in your best interest and not our bottom line is what we promise… without compromise. Our dedication is to educate our community to make responsible and informed fiscal decisions that results in greater financial peace of mind.

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5 Reasons to Get the Loan First

Getting your loan before you go looking for a home is a good idea. Here are 5 reasons why:

  1. Save time!  If you have a realistic price range, you will be more likely to look at homes within that price range and not waste time with homes outside that range.
  2. Negotiations are on your side when you know what your loan already looks like.
  3. When the seller knows you already have a loan, they spend the extra time and effort you deserve.
  4. A listing agent is more likely to not only work with you, but also go the extra mile.
  5. And most importantly, it gets you past the most tedious part of the home buying process!
Here are three examples of what we were recently able to do for homeowners:
  • A homeowner bought a house three years ago for $338,000. His home value dropped and his 30 year loan-to-value was 141% (this is truly an example of being upside down). We helped him get a new 30 year mortgage at a much lower interest rate and his payment decreased by $700. 00. He did not need an appraisal and it cost him nothing out of pocket to get the new loan.

  • A second client found they were able to reduce their interest rate, reduce their mortgage payment, get $4800 and take two years off their payoff (with no money out of pocket).

  • Another client reduced their 25 year loan to 15 years and their monthly payment stayed pretty close to the same. Again, it cost them nothing out of pocket!
Let’s talk on the phone, you have nothing to lose but may end up spending a lot less as you pay off your mortgage. Call now 803-798-4034 and ask for Ben. Get your mortgage review to see what your possibilities are.

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